Parent Timer by Taylor



Managing screen time for multiple children can be challenging so we found this amazing timer to help. This single timer is actually four timers in one.

  • Track up to four digital sessions simultaneously
  • Count up to 24 hours on every timer
  • Hear a different sound for each alarm
  • Write your child's name next to the time
  • Stand on tabletop or hang by the magnet

Product description:

The Taylor 5849 single view 4-event timer with white board and dry erase pen is an essential tool for parents tracking screen time for more than one child. You simply enter the session time into one of the timers and then use the marker to label that timer with the child's name.

Four buttons allow you to set the time in hours and minutes, select the event, and then start/stop each individual timer. You can reset a certain timer by holding the hour and minute buttons and reset all the timers by pressing the hour, minute, and event buttons at the same time.


Product Information: 

Item No. TAY-TIM
Manufacturer No. Taylor 5849 
Material Plastic 
Dimensions (inches) 4.5 W X 1 D X 3.75 H
Color White
Batteries 2 AAA batteries (included)
Shipping Weight  0.3 lbs. (4.2 ozs.)
Shipping Destinations

United States, excludes APO and PO Boxes

International shipping see shipping policies

Warranty 1 year