myScreenTime created for Grandson Ethan

If you are a parent or grandparent struggling to limit screen time, let me tell you a story.

On one of my many visits with my grandson Ethan, I experienced the transformation. You know the one where your child has been using a digital device, and then you tell them it is time to stop. Ethan was obviously not ready to stop, my daughter was getting upset and I got very concerned. Digital playtime had become a real problem.

I lay in bed that night praying for a way to help. It was obvious Ethan really enjoyed using digital devices. What he didn't like was his playtime being controlled. Then it came to me. If he had control over when he used digital devices, he would have nothing to fuss about.

The next morning, I shared my ideas with my daughter and she was hopeful. Ethan was told he would now be in charge of his own screen time and that every day he would be given new tokens to buy digital playtime. He instantly understood the concept and accepted our terms. Amazingly, we've never seen the transformation again. 

Once we saw how effective tokens were, we developed new ways to use digital playtime to create other positive outcomes. And now, I'm sharing the program that changed our lives with the parents and grandparents of other digital transformers, knowing myScreenTime can do the same for you.


 Corinn Hilbert Founder of myScreenTime

 Corinn L Hilbert