Tracks All the Devices Your Child Uses
Studies show children spend up to 7 hours per day on electronics
when only 2 or less are recommended.
This overuse can lead to behavior problems so Moms and Dads are stepping in.


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Easy,  Fun  &  Educational


Parents with younger children choose myScreenTime, a tool developed for 4- to 10-year olds to limit device time that is easy, effective, and affordable.

With its simple no-tech design, there is no challenging setup. myScreenTime works right out of the box with any device and seems like a game, so children want to play along.

Isn't there an app for that?


Why Parents love myScreenTime


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  • Takes 2 minutes to set up
  • Works with all digital devices 
  • Plays like a children's game
  • Teaches good behavior
  • Fits busy family routines
  • Goes anywhere
How does myScreenTime work?


Here's what doctors, teachers and experts say.


my Screen Time for Kids is recommended by experts

myScreenTime is a very, very good program and I am honored to endorse it.

 Dr. R. Bolnick, Clinical Psychologist

Children and students that use myScreenTime have a better understanding of responsibilities and life choices.

 J. Newquist, Kindergarten teacher

My wife and I reviewed myScreenTime and believe it is a good reward system for children with high-functioning autism, Asperger's and ADHD.

J. Leon, The Autism Exchange


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