Tracks All the Devices Your Child Uses
Do your children use electronics more than 2 hours a day? Do they fuss and fight when it's time to stop?
Studies show children spend up to 7 hours per day using electronic devices 
when only 2 or less are recommended.
This overuse is known to cause behavior problems so
Moms and Dads are taking control with myScreenTime.


 Easy,  Fun  &  Educational

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myScreenTime offers parents a no-tech solution that limits time on all electronic devices, even those technology can’t. This fun, colorful kit contains everything you need to manage screen time simply and effectively. And the must-have worksheets and handbook are instrumental in setting device use boundaries and goals. Best of all, myScreenTime feels like a game that your child will eagerly play.


How to use myScreenTime


Technology cannot track devices computer laptop tablet smartphone xbox wii video gaming

Can't I use an app or my phone for screen time?

Parents are quickly realizing technology doesn't track all of the electronics children use. Phone apps only limit activity on phones and tablets. WiFi options fail to control mobile devices using cellular data or games that are downloaded. Despite its best efforts, technology just isn’t working to limit screen time across all electronic devices.


Mom using my Screen Time with Boy on Device

Why Parents love myScreenTime

  • Takes 2 minutes to set up
  • Works with all digital devices
  • Includes everything you need 
  • Plays like a child's game
  • Teaches good behavior
  • Fits busy family routines
  • Goes anywhere


Experts recommend my Screen Time with boy in glasses playing on laptop

Here's what doctors, teachers and experts say.


myScreenTime is a very, very good program and I am honored to endorse it.

 Dr. R. Bolnick, Clinical Psychologist

Children and students that use myScreenTime have a better understanding of responsibilities and life choices.

 J. Newquist, Kindergarten teacher

My wife and I reviewed myScreenTime and believe it is a good reward system for children with high-functioning autism, Asperger's and ADHD.

J. Leon, The Autism Exchange


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