Parents struggle with how to limit screen time

Frustrated parents seek screen time solutions that work.

Children are surrounded by technology and, if given the chance, would play on digital devices all day long. When parents take control and limit screen time, children often respond with fussing and fighting, leaving parents frustrated and searching for answers.

The articles below will help you evaluate myScreenTime as well as other parental control tools like internet filters and device apps. Please use this information to weigh your options and make the best choice for how to limit screen time for your child.


Using myScreenTime 

An introduction to myScreenTime and how to limit screen time using a token system including a list of myScreenTime's unique benefits. 

Life Lessons for Kids

An explanation of how parents use myScreenTime to not only limit screen time but to teach valuable life lessons while restricting digital playtime. 

Screen Time Control Comparison

Comparison of myScreenTime to other types of parental control tools and the differences in how each limits screen time. 

Parental Control Overview

A review of parental control options with a list of different tools and how they limit screen time.