my ScreenTime Tokens Timer Container Piggy Bank Parent Jar Worksheets and Handbook


Parents decide the total screen time permitted each day and use the worksheets to establish a daily Token allowance and set general boundaries for using electronics.

Using Tokens

Parents distribute the daily Token allowance and the child exchanges these Tokens to use electronic devices. Tokens are spent as desired as long as the child obeys the Timer and boundaries given.

Earning Tokens

Parents allow children to earn extra Tokens when they complete special chores or exhibit positive behavior. Tokens can be used for extra screen time or saved in their Piggy Bank.

Saving Tokens

When asked to buy an item, parents challenge children to save up a certain number of Tokens in their Piggy Bank to get it. Children earn extra Tokens or give up a little screen time to save the Tokens they need.


Helpful guidelines and specific examples for setting daily Token allowance, device-use boundaries, and earning and saving goals are on the Using Tokens and Earning and Savings Worksheets.

Even more helpful advice is in the my ScreenTime Handbook. An eBook or PDF is included with purchase or a hard copy can be purchased separately. Order paper handbook here.