Parents teach kids life lessons

The best teachers in life are parents


myScreenTime offers a simple solution for limiting screen time. It is also a versatile program parents can follow to teach valuable life lessons. By leveraging playtime on electronic devices, you can help your child:

  1. Learn self-discipline 
  2. Establish good habits
  3. Practice restraint

Parents can implement all three lessons right from the start or focus on screen time first and introduce other life lessons later. Either way, life lessons for kids are powerful building blocks that create positive changes in the way your child thinks and acts. 


Life Lesson #1 | Self-discipline

Using Tokens

The first lesson is self-discipline. When you give tokens and set boundaries, kids learn about about time and decision-making. They now control their screen time, and when you transfer this control, your relationship is less combative while you teach your child the self-control they need in life.


Life Lesson #2 | Good Habits

Earning Tokens to teach Life Lessons for Kids - Good Habits
Earning Tokens

The next lesson inspires new and positive behaviors. When you establish ways for your child to earn additional tokens, you motivate them to do tasks or change behaviors constructively. And when tokens are your bargaining chip, kids stop ignoring your pleas and willingly comply with your requests


Life Lesson #3 | Restraint

Saving Tokens

The last lesson promotes delayed gratification. When your child asks you to buy something, reward them with their request if they save up enough tokens. Encouraging kids to give up some screen time to get what they want, prepares them in life to save for what matters. 


myScreenTime Tools

myScreenTime Tools teach Life Lessons for Kids
Worksheets and Handbook

The right tools make teaching these life lessons easy. The information and examples on the myScreenTime Worksheets let you quickly establish appropriate rules and boundaries and the proven guidance and expert suggestions in the myScreenTime Handbook coach you through the process.


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