Tracks All the Devices Your Child Uses
Isn't there an app for screen time?

Smartphone apps vary in capability and cost. These apps track screen time on the smartphone they are downloaded to and possibly a coordinating tablet. Some apps are strictly the gateway for a parental control option that works on the internet, network, or WiFi to control electronic devices that are connected.

How do apps work?

Parents create user profiles with detailed permissions to limit and track the electronic devices recognized by and setup within the app. Apps often require a device, like computer or tablet, to be dedicated to a specific user to work, which may not be feasible when children share devices with their parents or siblings.

Isn't technology the best way?

In theory, technology would provide the perfect screen time solution, but incompatibilities between electronic devices and operating systems cause gaps that create obstacles and barriers when you try to connect all the different devices children use. These gaps make technology solutions incomplete. It also means Mom or Dad must be a bit more tech-savvy.

Why go no-tech?

The advantage of no-tech is you bypass technical prerequisites, device integration and user setup. A physical product, like myScreenTime, works with any electronic device and doesn't have to be tied into a network or operating system. It is also portable, so you can use myScreenTime anywhere your child goes (babysitter, grandparents, etc.).

What technology doesn't do.

Where technology can be used to impose control over children’s use of electronics, it does not teach children how to manage all of the the electronic devices in their life. This is why many experts don’t recommend controlling screen time with technology. myScreenTime comes highly recommended because it develops self-control while building good decision making and trust. So instead of just restricting digital playtime, parents teach children how to live with electronic devices, which is a life lesson that lasts.


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