Parents comparing screen time control options

Explore the differences and then make the right decision.


There are major differences between myScreenTime and other parental control options. You should compare these differences to make the best decision for your family. Since no option offers total screen time control, it is key for you to know which area is most important to you. For a more complete solution, it is possible to combine options, like myScreenTime with an Internet Filter.

This table highlights the most significant differences between the screen time control options.

myScreenTime  Internet Filters Device Apps
Controls All Devices Yes No No
Requires Technical Setup No Yes Yes
Blocks Internet Content No Yes Yes
Works Away from Home Yes No Yes
Costs / Fees One-time Purchase Free, Monthly Fee or One-time Purchase Free, Monthly Fee or One-time Purchase


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Compare myScreenTime to Internet Filters

Internet filters are vital tools for keeping children safe from unwanted exposure. Unfortunately, they cannot control all devices children use, and most require technical skill or at least a comfort level with technology to set up and manage. Filters are best for blocking content from the internet but fall short in total screen time control.

myScreenTime is an interactive tool for effectively managing all screen time, but it cannot control content. This makes an internet filter, like Google's SafeSearch for Kids, a good companion product to myScreenTime. Using both simultaneously provides screen time management with content protection.

Compare myScreenTime to Device Apps

Device apps offer parental control for that particular device. Since they do not offer screen time control or protection across all of the devices children use, additional control tools must be utilized for other devices. This means parents must set up and manage multiple device apps or filters to produce a total solution.

myScreenTime provides screen time management over all devices, but does not control content on a device. So when content control is needed, either an internet filter or device app can be used alongside myScreenTime for complete protection.


Compare myScreenTime to other Token Products

Most token products offer tokens and little else. Many aren't designed to limit screen time and others don’t include all of the components, direction and guildelines you need to be successful.

myScreenTime is a complete solution that provides everything a parent needs for screen time control and more. Plus the saving and earning options allow parents to go beyond screen time management and encourage additional life skills.


  Limit Screen Time on All Devices

or review the different types of parental control available.