Child crying over screen time enforcement 

my ScreenTime manages without the fuss and fighting.


Parents trying to control digital playtime can find it difficult to get children to stop or even respond, and when rules are enforced, there is often an unhappy ending for both parent and child. my ScreenTime reduces, and usually eliminates, these challenges by allowing children to control their own screen time. 


Using my ScreenTime to limit child's use of technology

5 Easy Steps to my ScreenTime


my ScreenTime contains everything you need to limit screen time and you can start using my ScreenTime right out of the box, no set up required. Just follow five easy steps. 

  1. Parents dispense a daily token allowance to child. 
  2. Child hands over one or more tokens to spend time on a digital device.
  3. Time acquired is entered into the timer.
  4. Digital playtime begins.
  5. Digital playtime ends when timer alarm sounds.


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 Control All Devices Anywhere Without Technical Setup

Because my ScreenTime uses tokens, not technology, you can control all digital devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, video games and even TV) without any technical set up. And while my ScreenTime works great at home, it works just as easily at Grandma's, the babysitter's or even on vacation. 

  my ScreenTime Tools -  Handbook and Worksheets


Complete Screen Time Management

To help parents establish greater control over digital device use and online activity, we include my ScreenTime Worksheets and the my ScreenTime Handbook. These tools reveal how to set appropriate boundaries and parameters and also show parents how to use my ScreenTime to teach valuable life lessons.


Life-changing Benefits 

my ScreenTime is the  simple, no-tech solution that:

  • Offers an easy, quickstart option and evolves into a full screen time management solution
  • Provides a worry free, universal solution that covers every device and goes anywhere
  • Eliminates resistance by transferring control over digital devices from parent to child
  • Promotes better monitoring as child must notify parent before device use
  • Improves behavior as children manage their own screen time and make their own choices
  • Cultivates trust as children demonstrate good behavior and safer decisions
  • Builds a better parent-child relationship through communication and collaboration 


Limit my ScreenTime Risk Free


or  learn how my ScreenTime teaches children valuable life lessons.